Applications Materials Advantages  


                                                   MATERIALs BIO SYSTEM TRE

Custom tray               custom tray – base plate
Triad vlc gel               orthodontic – impression of position
Transheet                   baseplate

Provisional               provisional (fixed)

Dualine                        reline (removable)

Enamel                        enamel

Dentin                          dentin
Stain                            stain
Effect dentin               effect dentin
Sealer                           sealer
Model separator         seprating agent
Matrix  putty                matrix

Base plate                    denture base – orthodontics - guide
Contour                        denture base
Air barrier                     sealant
Model release             model release agent
Al cote                          separating agent  


The finished devices with chemical–phiysical and biological characteristics, totally superior compared to the conventional resins and composites (on these is still possible to re-operate with conventional materials); full compliance with regulatory guidelines on the production of medical devices (reduction of risks to the health of patients through the use of materials and secure protocols); opportunity for labs to operate on the market with unique and innovative products, which give the opportunitiyg to satisfy the market request (dental centres – patients) always more oriented towards ecological and biocompatible products at the adequate costs at exigency of the market.