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 Our research after being presented in its completeness at beginning of 2016, has continued its development by addressing the topic of under prosthetic structures because these are fundamental to insure resistance and stiffness at the prosthetics. In almost all cases, to achieve this type of structures the materials used up to now have been metal alloys, the results from the mechanical point of view are certainly valid questionable conversely those concerning the biocompatibility, see galvanic currents, oxidations. Metals are always at the centre of debates for their chemical reactions in the oral cavity, in fact in the mouth the saliva acts a perfect galvanic cell that increases the reaction, the problem is known for long time and is now highly accentuated by wide spread, due to economic reasons for its low cost, of metal alloys as chrome, cobalt, etc At the point we stand now with our work, in the specific; the definition of an non-toxic aesthetic coating system,  it is clear that the next step, if you want to realize completely safe devices concerning patient health, we must inevitably face the issue of framework material to be used  to complete our metal-free devices for above-mentioned motivations.


So from 2016 we have been passionate in this regard and we looked for solutions with engineering plastics of  the new generation based on PEEK (polyetheretherketone), the results were simply amazing and are pushing us to use also other types of engineering plastics based of carbon and glass fibers. Today thanks to 'further step in our research on the "metal free", we found out  that there is the possibility of making prosthetic devices completely biocompatible and chemically inert thanks to the implementation of modern and revolutionary materials that already have several years of clinical trials. Furthermore this class of "TRE" devices besides the aforementioned characteristics, they have properties of stability, precision, greater resistance in respect of the devices made with conventional materials. Our beliefs are oriented in the direction that this is the future furthermore supported by elements which also affect other classes devices being realized in our field at an industrial level as:


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