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Academy Dentsply : webinar TRE

Triad, Radica and Eclipse the modern, biocompatible and cleaner solution for fixed, removable, implant prosthetics and orthodontics.

This webinar will discuss the advantages of using Visible Light Cure (VLC) monomer free materials over traditional Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA) to manufacture both fixed and removable prosthesis. It will introduce new techniques, areas of application and protocols in the use of Triad, Radica and Eclipse VLC materials that not only significantly improves the operational procedures for dental laboratories, but reduces chairside post production adjustments for the dentist, whilst providing outstanding aesthetic, long lasting and biocompatible restorations for the patient.

You Tube: video

Implant Bridge

This video is related to the realization of a Implant bridge deferred load, the technical protocol is an integral part of a systematic, TRE, which provides use of resins Visible Light Cure ( VLC ) completely devoid of monomer and highly biocompatible .This is a informal video and it has been necessary to make it quickly, to answer the questions of many colleagues, who have the system but don't have familiar with these new applications.


Implant bridge TRE part 1


Implant bridge TRE part 2

Facebook : Bio System Tre International “Group"

This international group was created to inform, to discuss and compare, all the experiences on technology UDMA (urethane dimethacrylate) / VLC (visible light cure).