Massimiliano Petrullo

He received his dental technician diploma in 1985. Since 1992 he has been the owner of a dental laboratory that specializes in removable prosthesis. Since the same year has covered several regional and national managerial positions at A.N.T.L.O. (National Association of Dental Laboratory Owner).

Member of ANTLO FORMAZIONE and already S.I.T.E.T. (Societè International Traitement Edention Total). He has made in depth studies on removable dentures and the methods of the most important authors in this field participating in numerous courses and symposiums, achieving extensive knowledge concerning complete and partial dentures.

Thanks to the considerable experience gained during his management experience ANTLO on the production process of dental laboratories, he carries out consulting and training for laboratories and accredited facilities, aimed at achieving high quality standards of manufacture.

He frequently gives lectures and courses on a national and international level inherent to removable prosthetics and dental resins, in all their fields of applications.

He is the author of valuable scientific articles in the areas above, published in specialized journals in the field.

Since 2006 he has been responsible for research applied to new generation dental composite resins, that have extreme biocompatibility as their principal characteristic. The results of the research have produced the Bio System Tre that has indications for the realization of removable, fixed, implant prosthetics and orthodontic appliances.

He has worked as a technical-scientific consultant with several important dental companies; at the present time he is a Opinion leader for group Dentsply in the divisions Prosthetics International and Italy.


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